Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting, Ruskis

Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting, Ruskis is a state-owned special school in Helsinki providing comprehensive education. Physically disabled children and youths currently study at Ruskis. We offer preschool and primary education as well as rehabilitation to support learning.

Pupils from other schools in need of special education—from preschool to supplementary education—may apply to study at Ruskis. Students enrolled at Ruskis can also transfer to the primary school in their own district. In addition, Ruskis offers learning and rehabilitation support programmes to students of compulsory education age in other schools.

Ruskis is also a centre for research, development and training. We are involved in various research initiatives and continuously work to develop our teaching methods. We offer continuing education courses (subject to charge) for personnel in the fields of education, social work and healthcare.